Puppies litter C

Puppies were born the 21th September 2023, 5 little girls and 2 boys. All puppies are black and have white markings. We greatly appreciate all who are interested in our Portuguese Water Dog puppies. Currently we have all puppies reserved. 

Puppies litter B 

Puppies were born the 28th March 2020, 7 little girls and 3 boys, one fenny is a beautiful chocolate brown colour, another puppies are black. The birth was more challenging this time, but at the end everyone is fine. We greatly appreciate all those who are interested in our Portuguese Water Dog puppies, unfortunately from Week 1 of life they are all already booked. 

Confirmed: Maya is expecting puppies.

We are very happy that our female Maya is waiting for puppies. The vet found 8 offsprings on ultrasound.
We keep her fingers crossed to make sure everything goes well.

Litter A

We are announcing the amazing news that on the 3rd February our Mája gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies (4 males and 4 females). All of them are completely healthy and Mája is a wonderful mum. She takes care of her puppies well, better said - not even move from them. More beautiful pictures of our puppies can be found in the photo gallery. We are very pleased that all puppies have have great owners and we are looking forward to their visit!