Our Philosophy

How did we start to breed Porties...

We are a small family kennel of Portuguese water dogs in the beautiful forests close to the village Tehov, a short walk from the Rokytka river. And how did we start to breed Porties? We both, me and my husband, have had dogs in our lives since we were children. Each dog in our lives, whether they were there for a short or long time, if their origin was pure or not, created livelong memories. Then, when we had our own children and we lost Heidy, our loving friend and biggest supporter, we were looking for a new dog. We were searching for a dog who could bring joy to our home, get along with our children, and my husband could tolerate due to his allergies to animal fur.

So, it happened, that our first Portie little girl came into our lives . Because of the lack of vocabulary and simple pronunciation our children had, we named her Maja. Truly, it wasn't the first dog we bred, and we knew certain breeds which are globally presented as a very intelligent, calm and kind, but this girl surprised us with her amazing, friendly, easygoing and intelligent nature. In our entire life we haven't seen a dog so loyal, warm-hearted and smart. Maja's always patient with all the games our children play and high fluctuations in family activities from sports to relaxing times, but if you should look for something wrong, you could believe me when I say, you won't find a better dog than Porties to steal your food. They are so excellent in this field, that you will need to think about if you really had had the steak on a plate. But when Maja curls up on my feet and sometimes looks up with an expression in her eyes that says: "Can I do anything for you?", all the stolen goods are forgotten.

Now, you can probably guess why we just breed Porties.